3 Feb 2016

10Gbps SuperInternet Access Residential Service

Today marks the launch of a new level of bandwidth for residential Internet access. At 10Gbps, the transmission of a DVD ISO file over the network is faster than the time it would take to copy it to a USB flash drive and then reading it back out again. This kind of bandwidth availability dramatically changes to way any on-line user lives, works and plays.

Unlike some other 10Gbps services, the SuperInternet links are provisioned via Optical Ethernet ("OE") and not via GPON. The primary difference is the contention ratio. The OE service provides 10Gbps of bandwidth between each and every device up to the central "head-end" device to which it is connected. On a GPON service, a single 10Gbps Optical Line Terminal ("OLT") port serves as many as 128 users by specifications. Would-be subscribers should ask their service provider how many users they intend to serve on each OLT port. Furthermore, the upstream speed of most 10G OLTs is only 2.5Gbps and again that bandwidth is shared among the number of users allocated to that port. Gamers and latency sensitive users should also note that any GPON based service is at best in the 3-4ms Round-Trip-Time ("RTT") range. The SuperInternet OE service registers 1ms or less within our network.

As 10Gbps services are new to the market, subscribers might expect prices to drop as it becomes more popular. SuperInternet is therefore offering a 12 mth plan for those who do not wish to be locked in for 24 mths.

For subscribers who want to host servers at home (SuperInternet does not block any ports) or who perhaps have advanced requirements for devices at home, Static IPv4 and IPv6 addresses are available as a Value Added Service.

For more information or for a subscription form, please email sales@super.net.sg

SuperInternet Others
Technology Optical Ethernet 10G-PON (XGPON)
Downstream Speed Per Port
(towards Customer)
10Gbps (i.e. Symmetrical) 10Gbps
Upstream Speed Per Port
(from Customer)
10Gbps (i.e. Symmetrical) 2.5Gbps
No. of Users Per Port Sharing Bandwidth 1 (port is dedicated) Up to 128 (port is shared)
Latency(RTT within Network) <=1ms 3-4ms typical
Contract Term 12 months 24 months
Static IPv4 on WAN side +$15/mth, $100 OTC ?
IPv4 LAN segment /29 - $50/mth, $150 OTC ?
IPv6 Dual Stack Standard - Included ?
IPv6 Static subnet /56 - $5/mth, $50 OTC ?
Prohibitions in contract about hosting servers NONE ?
Price $199/mth x 12, $250 OTC $189/mth x 24 ?