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Headend Filtering

A firewall/IPS at the customer-end of an Internet Access link is of limited use if the line is completely flooded with unwanted traffic. “Clean pipe” solutions are supposed to alleviate this issue but often result in false positives or otherwise anyway letting through rogue traffic. Most “clean pipe” solutions are also deployed by the provider as a general configuration for all customers.

The SuperInternet Head-End Filtering solution provides for a dedicated Firewall and IPS device in our data center. This can be controlled by the end-customer directly to effect a customized filtering configuration suited to the specific use cases at the downstream site.

Premium High-Availability Services

The SuperInternet Premium High Availability SLA is unmatched in the industry.

While some others offer paltry amounts as compensation of any downtime, SuperInternet writes off the entire month in the unfortunate event of an SLA violation and gives you the following month for free along with the option to terminate the service regardless of the contract term remaining.

The underlying network design for these services employs the use of dual fiber paths with completely separate active equipment for each path. This reduces the probability of any outage to the extent that a 99.999% uptime is statistically realistic and historically proven to be certainly achievable.

Unique Solutions

  • SAN Replication & Geo-stretched Clusters

    SuperInternet’s 10Gbps services are ideal for SAN replication.

    This enables Geo-Stretched clusters whether for VMs or Databases. This changes Business Continuity Planning by removing the hard problem of recovering compute resources. With an appropriately configured Cluster, all VMs will be automatically migrated to the remote site upon any disaster in the primary site.

    SuperInternet also offers turnkey solutions that effect this.

  • Broadcast Quality Video Surveillance over WAN

    The days of selecting between High-Resolution or High-Framerate are over.

    In order to ensure that no detail is left out of surveillance footage, the SuperInternet Broadcast Quality system enables 1080p@60fps video as standard with options up to 4K@120fps.

    Our End-to-End solution includes recording and archival on a managed basis whether on-premises or hosted in our data centers.

Ad-Hoc / Rapid Deployment

Built on the combination of our In-House capabilities with our Infrastructure deployment, SuperInternet offers solutions for high bandwidth services deployed within hours for disaster recovery.

For the somewhat less urgent cases, 10G bandwidth can be provisioned within days. In the case of planned events, SuperInternet offers far higher bandwidth than most others do for temporary services.

Optical Ethernet Local Loop

Optical Ethernet (OE), unlike GPON, provides for greater bandwidth delivered at lower latency and with higher reliability.

SuperInternet’s OE Local Loop services have island-wide reach and are available with Premium High Availability SLAs. 1ms RTT and symmetrical bandwidth are standard on our OE network, required for applications such as SAN replication


  • Multi-Site High-Bandwidth Connectivity Services

    SuperInternet provides customized high-bandwidth communications services ranging from Fully Managed IP layer connectivity to the Civil Engineering Works for Trenching and Ducting of Dark Fiber between sites.

    For full details, pls download our datasheet

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  • 10GE to the Home

    SuperInternet has been offereing 10GE Internet Access to the home since February 2016.

    At 10Gbps, the transmission of a DVD ISO file over the network is faster than the time it would take to copy it to a USB flash drive and then reading it back out again. This kind of bandwidth availability dramatically changes the way any on-line user lives, works and plays.

    For subscribers who want to host servers at home (SuperInternet does not block any ports) or who perhaps have advanced requirements for devices at home, Static IPv4 and IPv6 addresses are available as a Value Added Service.

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Unified Communications

Voice and Video Conferencing built on a Cisco Collaboration Architecture is available from SuperInternet on a Hosted basis.

Utilizing our FBO (“Telco”) licence, SuperInternet has available phone numbers directly assigned to us and can control the allocation of these to our subscribers regardless of geographical location. As the infrastructure is Cloud-based, this allows for full Collaboration features to be made available at reasonable prices even for small deployments.

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Our Core Strengths

  • Deep In-House Technical Expertise

    SuperInternet prides itself at having in-house Engineering expertise.

    From ground-up, the Network Infrastructure is designed, implemented and operated by SuperInternet staff.

    Our engineers have also developed unique methods for implementing services at the DWDM and MEF layers. This, together with the use of ODM equipment results in a highly optimized network designed to target our desired market

  • FBO Licence

    As a duly licenced Facilities Based Operator (FBO), SuperInternet has trenched and deployed our own cable infrastructure in key areas including Suntec City, Raffles Place, and the Airport.

    For locations not yet deployed with SuperInternet infrastructure, we lease fiber from other licensees.

  • Dark Fiber

    All active equipment on the network is within SuperInternet’s own control.

    For services under the IDA NGNBN framework, SuperInternet exists at the OpCo layer and not merely at the RSP layer. This ensures far better control over provisioning lead-times, on-going Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and expedited troubleshooting if such becomes necessary, because by being at the OpCo layer and controlling our own contractors, we eliminate multi-party escalation leading to expedited issue resolution and predictable provisioning timelines.

    The access to dark fiber also allows us to offer the transport of non-IP/Ethernet payloads such as Fiber Channel, 6G-SDI and other proprietary payloads such as the Stratus internode links.